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Katy Hutchings Bristow

As someone who has had an affinity and passion for horses since before she could walk, Katy has been a force to be reckoned with in the horse-world for over two decades. An IHSA multi-event winner, Katy has drive, passion, knowledge, and expertise, coupled with a gentle, serene spirit, making her the ideal caretaker for your companion. 

Katy also teaches science at Lee County High School, where she is beloved by students, parents, and teachers alike.

Nick Bristow

A Lee County native, Nick began his career in carpentry. He now owns his own carpentrybusiness, Heritage Woodworks, where he brings-to-life extraordinary, beautiful masterpieces.

Nick is also a soccer enthusiast and participates in a rec league!

At home you can find Nick palling around Bristow Farm with boss-man baby Davis and the farm mascots.


The Boss

Davis Bristow has ruled the roost since 2020! You can find him creating mischief all over the farm with the help of his furry siblings!

Farm Mascots

With two horses, one pony, two dogs, and counting, the farm is full of companions for your horse.



AKA - Marf-Man

AKA - Marfmallow

AKA - The OG

Mar has been a part of the family for over a decade and is enjoying his retirement on the farm.


The sweetest friend you'll ever have. She's down to ride anywhere with you.


Miss Cherry is the Queen Bee here at Bristow Farm. She's sassy, opinionated, and absolutely wonderful!

Farm Mascots

With two horses, one pony, two dogs, and counting, the farm is full of companions for your horse.

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After his professional career, Dano went to St. Andrews University as a part of their equestrian program. That's where he and Katy met over a decade ago and the rest is history.

Dano is the quintessential gentleman and is adored by all who have had the pleasure of riding him.


He's the newest member of the pack, but you can't tell him that! Trigger blew onto the farm like a hurricane and is the rowdy, ornery sidekick we never knew we needed. 
You'll catch him and Davis making lots of mischief!

Room to Grow

We're ready for you and your best friend(s) to join us here at Bristow Farm!